by Marco Smith ©2017

Lucas Trotman strolled down the sidewalk in his hometown of Newhaven with a confident bounce in his step. To look at him was to see a well groomed, successful individual, a fully paid up member of society. His neatly pressed suit of the highest craftsmanship emanated a sense of strength and dependability to all who witnessed him passing by. The icing on the cake was his detective shield worn proudly on his breast, glinting in the sun, shining as a beacon of hope and justice. 

Detective Trotman, the pride of the department with a flawless record, walked the same route every morning. Seven short blocks through the centre of town, friendly morning greetings from his fellow Newhaveners abounded from every doorway. Main Street was filled with all kinds of shops, from Atkins the butcher through to Zooville the town pet shop. Lucas was making a little detour this morning however, as today was a special day, his birthday. 

As traditions usually dictate, Newhaven PD celebrated birthdays in much the same way as the rest of the working world. Detective Trotman had decided to pay a visit to the fancy new French patisserie. He bought a large selection of their finest cakes and pastry treats for his fellow officers. The Caramel Heaven donut stood out in the centre of the tray. Lucas coveted that donut above all the others, that one was his. The rest of his walk was a little slower as dropping this small fortune of deliciousness would really put a dampener on his mood.

Officer Mindy Parks greeted him with a beaming smile from behind the front desk of the station as he entered carrying his catch of the day. Catching sight of the Caramel Heaven donut, Mindy’s heart skipped and a desire grew within her as the already wide smile threatened to split her face in two. Forgetting all about the phone call she was involved in, Mindy followed the tray of sweet heaven through to the back office.

‘Happy Birthday to me’, Lucas announced to the morning shift. ‘I’ve brought some treats in for us all to share’.

As soon as had he put the tray down in the canteen area, a flock of sugar magpies had descended vying for a piece of cake. Mindy was homing in on the Caramel Heaven, her eyes set on her prey. Lucas feared that his choice of birthday treat would disappear in the throng so took steps to ensure its safety. The hawk vision of Mindy was shocked to see a claw swoop down and grasp her prize from right under her nose before she could reach it. She watched in horror as the thief devoured it mercilessly. In the hate filled eyes of Mindy, the Detective had just installed a grapnel into his soul, the line of which was firmly jammed in the fast-track escalator to hell.  


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