by Marco Smith ©2017


Fairy Bottoms was a strange place indeed. In every nook you looked could be found oddities of all descriptions. In our world these would seem totally out of place, one might even consider them impossible. In the realm of the fairies however, odd was the norm. In a particular corner there lived the one exception to this rule. There is always one exception, and this one had a name. Her name was Amelia, but to most of the inhabitants of Fairy Bottoms she was known simply as The Heptapetalous.

‘What is an Heptapetalous?’, I hear you ask and that is a very good question. You may have already looked it up in a dictionary but unless you own a very special ancient one, you would inevitably come to the conclusion that it isn’t a word at all. The reason for this is that Amelia is The Heptapetalous, the one and only. She lives in Fairdonia, a land which only magical creatures can see. Although if you really believe then you may just be invited to visit while you dream.

So let me describe The Heptapetalous to you. Amelia is essentially an elf, but one with a difference. Some stories say she is the descended from the Great Elves of old but nobody really knows for sure. What is known is that her father was the most skilled of the Elves. He was Avenir and fell deeply in love with Anemone, Queen of the Poppies. They married and soon after were gifted with their magnificent daughter.

It was with little doubt, on the occasion of Amelia’s birth, a wholly unique and spectacular individual was brought into the universe. Her body bore the Elven strength of her father but with the slender flowerlike grace and beauty of her mother. Her hair would naturally interweave into the most ambrosial floweret with seven distinct and unique petals of intricate design. The colouration alone stood on the brink of visual overload. It is well known that her forefathers were blessed with remarkable skills, but in Amelia those abilities had transformed into purest magic.

At the tips of her seven delicate fingers, fingernails shaped like the petals of her hair could conjure incredible utopian floral displays the likes of which your human brain cannot imagine. As a result, Amelia’s particular corner of Fairy Bottoms was the most envied in the land. The symphony of colour and scent with an incandescent aura attracted spectators from all seven corners of Fairdonia. The eyes of the beholders wept at the immeasurable Elven beauty.


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